Kids Animation Software - Yes, Even Kids Can Make Animations

Published: 26th September 2011
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Children are naturally inclined to the world of dreams and in this world of technology their dreams comes to be true in the form of animations. Children get so inspired by animations that they decide to create an animation of their own. In the market there are many software specially designed for children. They can create a 2D or 3D animation. But 3D is a little complex than the former.

Choosing kids animation software
There are various facts that are to be kept in mind when choosing kids animation software. Some of them are:
Since children are inexperienced in this field of animation, it would be wiser to buy them an inexpensive software
Do not allow then to jump to higher skills. First train them in the basics and give a strong foundation and later you can allow them complex ones
The basic concept should be crystal clear
Make sure that the kid is using a program that is meant for kids.

Listed is some of the best kids animation software.

It is one of the best software in the market for children. The process of animation starts with the selection of background. Later the child can select as to the number of characters required. A script for the animation is supplied in another window and there is a separate option to control the movement of the characters. A speech synchronizer is available to vary the pitch of the character according to the child’s need. Language ranges from American to British to Australian.

Alice is best software in the market. It can be said that this software is an introduction for children those who wish to learn animation as this teaches the very basics of animations. The 3D effect can be created by simply dropping the required icons. School students and college students are known to use this software for their study materials. The easy to use characteristics and easy user interface makes it to be loved by novice as well as professionals. There is another version of Alice known as Storytelling Alice which is an updated version of Alice.

Stop Motion
This is old fashioned software that was used by students in school to manipulate objects from their environment. Stop motion utilizes capture of images and then running them in a sequence giving an illusion of animation. A child can draw his imagination in sequence and later with the help of Stop motion software he can animate it.

2D animation for kids
2D animation is much easier than 3D animation as it is within two dimensions. Some of the known 2D animation software is:
Toon boom
Story board
The instructions regarding the function of the above mentioned software can be obtained from the respective websites of the animation software where a step by step procedure will be provided.

And after the kid has gained enough experience it would be better to give him more challenges by admitting him in a reputed animation school where his appetite is satisfied.

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