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Published: 13th October 2011
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It has been noticed since a couple of years that ‘pain on top of foot’ has been among the most searched articles on websites providing a huge base of articles. It is astonishing to note that ‘top of foot pain’ has been used as a keyword and criteria to search. This article is to provide all those people with more than just a gist of what they are looking out for. Foot specialists have to deal with a lot of patients daily who come with pain on the top of the foot. However, all might show the same symptoms but this doesn’t imply that they have the same disease. At times, trauma causes pain on the top of the foot, while in other instances, something known as repetitive action causes trauma.

Tendonitis: A diffused pain on the top of the foot also includes swelling at times. There might also be a symptom in the form of redness of the foot or feet. There might or might not be a history of trauma.

Ganglion Cyst: It is a kind of spongy or rigid lump on the top of the foot which might render the foot immovable. The lump might not cause pain in itself but pressing the foot on ground of with hand might cause pain underneath.

Midtarsal Fault: When the foot has fallen arches, the feet often ends up being in pain due to the bones being jammed. There won’t be a history of trauma in these cases.

Nerve Entrapment: If you notice from your ankle to the toes, there will be a fine network of veins running through. These nerves are just located beneath the first layer of the skin, and thus you can see them with naked eyes. It is a common sight for these network of nerves to get jammed, at times due to tight shoes there by hampering the flow of blood which then gets clotted, causing pain. The nerve is then known as entrapped and it becomes inflamed, causing pain and a burning sensation.

Stress Fracture: A person can experience strong sensations of pain in the metatarsal area, which is the top of the foot. Severe pain can develop at such places and it will be a local pain generally, without any signs of trauma in the past.

Bone Spur: This condition happens when the bone overgrows, due to arthiritic conditions. There will be weird forms of protrusions on the top of the foot, since there is an extra growth in the bones of the foot area. Either pressure due to your shoes or a specific joint will cause pain.

Superficial Phlebitis: Since the veins which are just below the first layer of skin are exposed continuously to pressure, pain might develop and they might start paining. Even though extensive medical care is not required, since it doesn’t seem too dangerous, you should consult a doctor once in a while.

The above mentioned are the most common reasons for pain on top of the foot.

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